In Home Euthanasia Appointment

What to Expect During a In Home Euthanasia Appointment

We understand that the decision to have your pet euthanized is made from a place of abiding love and selflessness. We are committed to providing your pet a peaceful and dignified end-of-life process.

We know that your pet is a part of your family, and we welcome you and your family members to be present throughout the procedure. If you would prefer to not be present, we respect that choice as well.

At the beginning of the appointment, we will ask you about your pet’s medical status and if they have any likes or dislikes so that we can ensure a peaceful process. We will have you sign a consent form, and we will discuss the options for after-care.  

Our veterinarian will explain the euthanasia procedure. This is the time for you to ask any questions you may have about the procedure. We want you to be comfortable and understand the process. We provide blankets for the pet’s comfort and Kleenex for their family.

When you are ready, we will give your pet an intramuscular sedation injection. This sedation ensures that your pet is comfortable, peaceful, and unaware of the final injection. You may hold, talk to, and comfort your pet while they are drifting off to sleep. Our veterinarian will assess your pet’s sedation level and make sure your pet is deeply asleep before administering the final injection.

We will let you know when your pet has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. You may sit with your pet and say your goodbyes.