Mobile Veterinary Care

SmartVet offers the services and quality of a typical veterinary practice but in the comfort of your home. SmartVet travels to Bloomington – Normal and surrounding areas.

Mobile Veterinary Practice serving the Bloomington-Normal Area

Our mobile service is full service! We load our mobile travel cases with all the supplies we need to provide in-home care. We bring a scale, supplies, and plenty of treats. All we ask is that you have your pet readily accessible. If you have a cat, we ask that you confine the cat in a bathroom or crate before we arrive. Give us call, we know you and your pet will love the convenience of having the veterinarian come to your home.

Our Mobile Services

SmartVet Mobile Service provides all the benefits of a typical veterinary visit in the comfort of your home. Mobile appointments include routine wellness care, vaccines, bloodwork, fecal exams, nail trims, and minor medical procedures. Our Mobile Service is also available to help with end-of-life decisions. Our doctors and staff use ‘FearFree’ techniques to facilitate a pleasant experience for both owner and pet. You and your pets will love having the vet come to your home!