Dear SmartVet Clients, 08/30/21

The COVID pandemic has been hard on everybody and we appreciate your understanding while we navigate the challenges of keeping our small business open while protecting our clients, our staff, and all of our families. 

  • Our office is open for all services, including routine wellness care, surgery, and sick or emergency care.
  • We require that everyone wear a face mask while in our building.
  • If you are unable to wear a mask, please let us know that you need ‘curbside’ service and we will come outside and get your pet. You can remain in your car while we examine and treat your pet.

Masks and other safety precautions are not a ‘red’ or ‘blue’ thing.  They are not a ‘let’s argue about it’ thing. They are protective gear to slow a virus and keep you and us and our families safe. Please be kind to our staff. We are wearing masks for 10+ hours a day. We didn’t enact the mandate and we are just as eager as you to get to the end of the COVID pandemic.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or text 309-830-6454

Stay safe out there!
Thanks for understanding!
Team SmartVet