Please join us in welcoming Dr. Emily Ruesch to the SmartVet family. Dr. Emily will be available to see patients starting Monday, April 11th.

Dr. Emily grew up in rural Missouri, often raising kittens and helping take care of cows on her parents’ cattle farm. After shadowing her uncle at his veterinary clinic, Dr. Emily decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine and obtained her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Missouri in May 2020.

Dr. Emily loves to work with her feline friends and has earned the nickname “Cat Whisperer”. In her spare time, Dr. Emily and her husband spoil their 2 dogs (Ruby and Juneau) and their 3 cats (Claire, Kit, and Spike).

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Fear Free Happy Visits

Due to the pandemic many puppies and dogs missed out on active socialization at new places. We are seeing an uptick in dogs that have fear, anxiety, and stress at the vet clinic. If your dog is not comfortable seeing their vet, we can help!

We are offering “Happy Visits”.

These visits are with our Fear Free Certified staff and start with making sure your dog knows that just coming into the clinic means lots of treats. As your dog progresses, at their own speed, we can move to standing on the scale, and then entering the exam room. If your dog would benefit from some “Happy Visits” please call us for an appointment.

Chiropractic & Laser in April

Dr. Karen Hannah will be here on the following Thursdays in April: 7th, 14th, 28th