In veterinary care words like compassion, caring, quality, efficiency & approachability are hallmarks. In the case of SmartVet they are a business practice modeled by the entire staff. The availability of both office & at home services provide clients the unique opportunity to tailor services to their needs. After all what’s better than dodging a day as the taxi driver for a reluctant kitty or a stressed geriatric dog. I highly recommend SmartVet. I am confident in SmartVet’s standard of care and commitment to their clients.

“Yeah, and Docs Walter and Burks give me treats despite my avoiding them.” Moxie the lab

“I could have written a better endorsement…the SmartVet team is almost as smart as I think I am” Kismet the Border Collie mix

Dr. Walter and Staff,

You have NOOOOOOO idea how much I appreciate you coming out today. That has to be difficult for you as well. You obviously love pets, even those who belong to someone else. You were so calm, loving, and made it so peaceful for us all, especially our beloved Shadow.
Thank you again for being who you are –amazing that so much kindness, understanding, humor, personality, and compassion can be all bundled into one person!! I will sing your praises everywhere I go.

Thanks so much, this is another reason I will keep talking about you and referring people to you! Even though I have been very happy with my vet, this is not something that would happen with them and there’s no reason it can’t. I love how progressive you are, and it just fits in with my lifestyle as well as lots of other people I know.
Peggi Hattaway

The convenience factor was what initially brought me to Smartvet. The fact that I can make an appointment and have them show up without having to drive anywhere, really appealed to me. Dr. Walter and the entire staff have been extremely welcoming, competent and their services are priced competitively. Baxter, the Cavalier, and I both are extremely pleased with our Smartvet choice.

Hi Dr. Walter,
Thank you for dropping Boo’s blanket and elephant off today. I just wanted to email you an update on Boo. He is doing absolutly wonderful!!! Mike and I just can’t thank you and your assistant enough for the wonderful care you have given Boo. You have given us our laughter and basically our life back, by saving Boo’s life!! He is just beautiful! His coat has changed color and he has gained weight!! He is hard to keep down now!! He is doing things that he has not done since he was a baby kitten. Playing like crazy. We are just so happy.


Connie and Mike Underwood and Boo 🙂

The Smart Vet service provides the flexibility of reducing stress and anxiety on an animal that is already not feeling well. When my 11 year old cat became sick I really didn’t want to put her through the stress of a car ride and exposure to the smells of a traditional vets office.
Dr. Walter examined our skittish cat and kept her relaxed the whole time. She took great care and patience in explaining our cats care and needs through the healing process in a way that was easy to understand.
We care for our pets like our children and it is wonderful to have a vet provide such a great quality of service.

Angel M. Sallade