Pre-Payment Savings Plan

This savings plan allows you to make monthly payments in advance of your pet’s needs. Your monthly payment will be charged to your credit or debit card on the 15th of each month and credited to your SmartVet account. You may use your credit at any time for anything. 

After you make 12 consecutive monthly payments, SmartVet will give you a bonus $25.00 credit!

You may stop participating in SmartPay at any time, however the $25 bonus will only be applied if you make 12 consecutive monthly payments of $25 or more. The $25 bonus is not pro-rated. 

The minimum monthly payment is $25 dollars. You may select any higher amount that fits your needs and your budget. We suggest $25 per month for adult cats and $60 per month for adult dogs to cover basic wellness care. If you anticipate your pet needing surgery or dentistry, please ask our team to help you determine the best amount per month. If you have multiple pets you may use your credit for any of your pets, but you can only have one SmartPay plan.