Post-Covid Separation Anxiety

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As more people return to work post-COVID, we are seeing more pets with separation anxiety. When our pets become used to having somebody home all day or, in the case of newly adopted pets, have no experience with being home alone, they can become fearful, anxious, and stressed about being alone.
To teach, or re-teach, your pet how to be comfortable in an empty house you need to start slow and gradually build up the amount of time your pet is alone. The best approach is to start by giving your pet long lasting treat or chew and then leaving for 5 or 10 minutes. You can gradually increase the time until your pet is comfortable with being alone for part of the day. There is a detailed explanation of Separation Anxiety and how to reduce or eliminate it on the VCA website —

If your pet is having significant anxiety please let us know. We can recommend OTC products or prescription medications that will help reduce fear and anxiety.

New Protocol for Wearing Masks!

Beginning on Tuesday, June 1st we are following CDC guidelines regarding masks. If you are at least 2 weeks past your final vaccine against COVID, masks are optional.

If you are not fully vaccinated, a mask is required.

Our fully vaccinated staff members will not be wearing masks. If you prefer that our team members wear a mask while they are in the exam room with you, please just ask! We want everyone to be safe and comfortable!

SmartVet will be closed Saturday, May 29th and Monday, May 31st in honor of Memorial Day.

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Hannah will be at SmartVet Thursday, June 17th.

Chiropractic Care is available for dogs and cats of all ages and all sizes.
We welcome referrals from other veterinary clinics. If we have not seen your pet before we require a written referral from your current veterinarian.

Call or text to make an appointment.



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