Chiropractic Appts Available in January

Dr. Karen Hannah will be at SmartVet on the following dates:
Please call to make your pet’s appointment!
We are filling these dates quickly. Thursdays in January — 13th, 20th

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Laser Therapy Coming in February!

SmartVet is getting a near-infrared Laser Therapy system. We will have appointments for Laser Therapy available starting in February. If your pet is currently seeing Dr. Hannah for Chiropractic care, you will be able to schedule appointments for both Chiro and Laser services during one visit.
Laser treatments help reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and increase mobility. It is frequently used in pets that have chronic pain due to bone or soft tissue injury. Laser therapy can also be used to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to wounds or areas of infection. This helps reduce pain after injuries or surgery and re-duces the healing time.
SmartVet will offer 3 laser treatment packages. An ‘acute’ package that includes 4 sessions, one every other day, for new injuries, wounds, or infections. A ‘chronic’ package which includes 4 sessions, once per week, for arthritis, back pain, and the more long term inflammatory changes. And a post-operative one time session as your pet is waking from surgery in order to decrease pain and reduce the healing time. Laser therapy can be discussed with your veterinarian and will be performed by our trained and certified veteri-nary technicians and assistants.

More information about the benefits of Laser Therapy can be found at these links: