Introducing CryoTherapy for Pets!

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CryoTherapy is the process of rapidly freezing tissue in order to destroy unwanted skin lesions. We use CyroProbe, a pen-like instrument that uses nitrous oxide, to safely destroy warts, skin tags, and skin tumors.

CyroProbe is pinpoint accurate and can be used on lesions that are as small as 1mm. Treatment can be done in our office during a routine exam. Sedation or anesthesia is not typically required. (Pets that are extra wiggly or have lesions on their face may need a light sedative.)

After CryoTherapy the treated area will scab over and the unwanted tissue will simply fall off in the next 7 to 14 days. The treated area does not need any ‘post-op’ care. No bandages or e-collars are re-quired. It’s easy and safe for your pet.

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