Fear Free Happy Homes

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Your pet deserves fear free, anxiety free, and stress free veterinary care!

Our doctors and staff are certified Fear Free Professionals. We use treats, lots and lots of yummy treats, to help your pet have a positive experience. We use gentle handling techniques for exams and procedures
so your pet can relax and maybe even enjoy being the center of attention. We know that Fear Free veterinary care improves the emotional and physical health of your pet.

Fear Free Happy Homes online resources are now available to all pet owners. A Happy Homes membership (free!) gives you access to:
— A library of articles, tips, tricks, and other resources
— One-of-a-kind educational videos with fun and easy tips
— Veterinary visit handouts to make your next visit even better
— Access to the Happy Homes Facebook community

To enroll, please click on this link and then click “Join Now”